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Cheapest and Best 3G Data Plan in Verizon for 2013?

+2 votes

I have an Android phone, which has 3G Internet option. Now, I want to enable the 3G data plan from Verizon. Please suggest me the cheap and best (low price with some GB internet for daily browsing, Facebook, Twitter and some YouTube) 3G Data plan of Verizon wireless USA.

asked Mar 14, 2013 in Mobile Carriers/Plans by anonymous  

2 Answers

0 votes


First things, we're talking about smartphones. If you're simply looking for an unlimited 3G and/or 4G data plan your cheapest options is Clear(wire), offering unlimited data plans for $45/month (4G-only) and $55/month (4G and 3G). These plans will be relevant depending on your situation, but first lets take a look at your options.

and i will provide you a link for you to know what is better, http://www.today.com/id/43895798/ns/today-today_tech/t/cheapest-smartphone-unlimited-data-plans/#.UVkAzbIk67s


answered Apr 1, 2013 by anne007 (2,210 points)  
0 votes

You cannot get the 3G data plan at cheaper price for your Verizon. Below are some 3G data -:

  • 1GB  = $20
  • 2GB  = $30
  • 5GB  = $50
answered Apr 6, 2013 by Vijay (9,470 points)  
edited Apr 6, 2013 by Vijay

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