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How to use cheats, tricks & hints in Subway Surfers game on Samsung Galaxy S3?

0 votes

I installed the Subway Surfer android game on Samsung Galaxy S3 and I reached the level 25 as of now. But I heard that, there are many hints and cheats available for this game. How can I implement these hints and cheat codes on my Galaxy S3 smartphone? I mean, is there any cheats for android available for this game, so that I can install or use it in my phone?

asked Feb 14, 2013 in Gaming by anonymous  
edited Apr 12, 2013 by pythonskynet

1 Answer

0 votes

No Subway Surfer Cheats available for Android App and same for your Galaxy S3. Keep on playing the game, you will earn the experience and you will learn the tricks.

answered Apr 12, 2013 by Ramz (25,940 points)  

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